OK Illusion Maker, amaze me!

Nothing in this box…

No way he’s gonna be able to do that!

I’ll believe it when I see it.


He did it! He really did it!


Any volunteers?

Pick me! Pick me!

Our first volunteer!

Just how strong are you?

Go ahead – take it. I dare ya!

Watch, I’ll escape!         Or not.

We throw away millions of drinking straws. Don’t use them!

Ta da! The rings are now connected.

Wow! Did you see what he did?

Just a little crayon.

This guy’s funny!

First, I’ll rip up this newspaper …


She’s floating!

That was crazy!


Can I pull a rabbit out of your hat?

Saw me in half! (No children were harmed in the filming of this show.)

Can he really do that?


Hold your hands out like this …

… Now twist them like this …