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From Nurse Jill

Nurse Jill often sends out notices regarding important health topics. All of her notices can be found here.

  • IIlness/Germ Control Update

    We’ve had an increase in illness since the beginning of February, not unusual for this time of year. What we’ve seen: Numbers by percent slightly higher than last year.   Illnesses include […]

  • For 5th Grade Parents

    Congratulations on another milestone, your child’s LEAD graduation.

    This week your child will be bringing home a note outlining vaccine requirements for 6th grade.  If your child has had these immunizations and you have already sent in documentation there is no need to act.  Otherwise, documentation is due before September or within 30 days of your child’s 11th birthday if he/she has a Sept-December 2005 birthdate.

  • Returning to School After Being Sick

    Thank you for your questions at last week’s Home School Meeting concerning when to keep your child home. A fever is considered 100 degrees or higher, your child can return to school when his/her fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication (eg. Tylenol, Advil, etc.)

  • End of School Year Safety

    It’s a busy time of year for sure, with field trips, field days, performances, championship games, graduations, carnival and more. With all this extra activity please ensure your children go […]

  • Outdoor Recess Reminder

    Just a reminder: now that the thermometer is registering above freezing (at least by mid-day), the children in grades K thru 8 will be going out for recess. Please send your children in with jackets or more than one sweatshirt (two layers) as days are still brisk.

  • Gentle Reminders

    We’ve made it to March, and as predicted, it’s in like a lion….. Initial height, weight, vision and hearing screenings have been completed at last; scoliosis screenings for students in […]

  • Enterovirus

    Dear Parents, With expressed concern from parents and media saturation with stories about the enterovirus, I have attached the following informative article. As reinforced with the students here at school, […]

  • Head Lice

    Since the season is upon us and well as Halloween being around the corner, I have attached information on Head Lice including the Management of and Step by Step Instruction. Children should be reminded not to share hats, headbands, hoodies etc. to avoid the infestation of Head Lice.