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From Nurse Jill

Nurse Jill often sends out notices regarding important health topics. All of her notices can be found here.

  • Measles & 5th Grade Immunizations

    As parents, it is scary to hear about the recent outbreak of measles in Disneyland and the one confirmed case of measles in NJ. A highly contagious and most serious illness, we are fortunate that a vaccine was developed in the mid sixties to all but eliminate this disease.

  • Enterovirus

    Dear Parents, With expressed concern from parents and media saturation with stories about the enterovirus, I have attached the following informative article. As reinforced with the students here at school, […]

  • Head Lice

    Since the season is upon us and well as Halloween being around the corner, I have attached information on Head Lice including the Management of and Step by Step Instruction. Children should be reminded not to share hats, headbands, hoodies etc. to avoid the infestation of Head Lice.