Dear Friends,

The Season of Christmas is upon us. We celebrate Jesus’ coming, past, present, and future: his coming as a baby two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, his coming into each of our lives personally, and his return, for which we wait with hope. One reason I love Catholic schools is that they are places to encounter Jesus, past, present, and future: they form students in the richness of the Catholic faith and its teachings, they lead students to an encounter with the Lord today through word, sacrament and community, and they witness the hope of salvation and heaven to the world.


The Nativity

A scene so peaceful in the night,

The starry sky is soft and bright,

A stream of light shines from a Star, to guide the Wise Men from afar.

A stable’s where the Christ Child lay,

Asleep so precious on the hay.

Mary and Joseph are close by,

With angels singing from on high.

The shepherds kneel down to adore

The Babe Who comes to bless the poor.

A king has gold to give this day,

A drummer boy, a song to play.

As God’s Own Son has come to earth,

May we behold His wondrous birth!

-Joyce Mary Ecochard


May the message

And the spirit of Christmas

Touch your life with peace,

Your heart with joy.



Sr. Marie