The end of the year Field Day is planned for Monday, June 8th from 10am to 2:30 pm. We are hoping for a day filled with sunshine and fun along with good sportsmanship.

All students must be dressed for gym on Field Day with the assigned color t-shirt as follows:
Kindergarten Blue
Grade 1 Yellow
Grade 2 Red
Grade 3 White
Grade 4 Green

Sneakers are a must – please avoid high soled Sketcher-type sneakers which are dangerous. Also, please make sure your child is prepared for the day to prevent the complications of sun exposure. Have your child wear hats and sunscreen and remind them to drink plenty of water which we will provide. Also, feel free to have your child bring in their own water bottle labeled with their name.

We will also need volunteers to assist on this day, the more the better. If you are able to help us,please contact Mrs. Barry at 973-835-5680. All volunteers must have had a background check, attended Protecting God’s Children and  signed a Code of Pastoral Conduct. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Mrs. Barry at 973-835-5680. Volunteers should report to school at 8:20 am.

All help is greatly appreciated and hope to see you on the field!!

God bless you,
Sr. Marie Antonelli, M.P.F.