Plans are in full motion for our annual Tricky Tray which will be held on Friday, April 22nd, so mark your calendars because this one is special! The theme is in honor of our school’s approaching 60th anniversary and we hope that you will join us.

The annual Tricky Tray is the most important fundraiser for our school and we count on the volunteer hours and donations that parents have so generously provided.  It is your support that allows this event to be a success.  As always, proceeds from this event will be used to benefit the school and the academic program.

As part of your school contract, each family is required to donate a minimum of $75 to help offset the cost of organizing our Tricky Tray.  We rely on donations from local businesses and families, but many of the top tier prizes must be purchased by the school.  This is costly, so family contributions are essential.

Please send in your $75 donation to the school office by Monday, April 18th.  As a reminder, those families with access to a matching gift program can submit a request for their $75 donation to be matched by their employer.

I thank you for once again helping us make this event a success.

God bless you,
Sr. Marie Antonelli, M.P.F.