Happy First Week of December!  In addition to being the second full week of Advent, this is also “National Influenza Vaccination Week” and “National Handwashing Awareness Week.”
The Center for Disease Control recommends that we all receive flu vaccines as our best “shot” against getting the flu, and it is not too late to get this protection from your health care provider or local clinic.  The flu virus is most prevalent between December and March, and it is still possible to get the flu as late as May.  The sooner you are vaccinated, the sooner you are protected.
We also remind you and your children to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, to sneeze or cough into your elbow, and to throw away tissues as used.  Also important, avoid touching the “T Zone”, ie your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.  These are the portals where germs can enter our bodies.
Finally, we ask you to follow our sick day protocol to limit exposing faculty and other children to illness.  In addition to calling your child out before his/her absence, please send a note explaining the reason for this absence when your child returns.  More important, keep sick children home (they can make up tests once they are well) and out of school for a full 24 hours after they are fever free (temperatures less than 100 degrees) without using fever reducing medicines.  Please have contingency childcare plans ready in case they are needed.
Thank you in advance for helping to keep our Holy Spirit School Family healthy through the holidays and beyond.
Mrs. Jilda Sidebottom, RN
School Nurse