It’s a busy time of year for sure, with field trips, field days, performances, championship games, graduations, carnival and more.

With all this extra activity please ensure your children go to bed early and drink plenty of H2O (freeze H2O bottles before taking them to school). Also, kindly remind your children to reapply sunscreen after swimming and exercise even if the product is waterproof. Towel drying and perspiration still have a way of leaving skin unprotected.

Safety wise, we hope June proves a better month than May. A gentle reminder to notify the office, teacher and the nurse if your child is on crutches, has stitches or is not allowed to go outside or play sports for any reason. A doctor’s note is needed both at the time of injury and also when your child is permitted to resume activity.

Finally, the number of late students has been increasing in recent weeks. Let’s finish strong and to resume good habits of punctuality through the end of the school year.

Thank you!

Mrs. Jilda Sidebottom, RN
School Nurse