The following is the policy for Medication Administration at Holy Spirit School. Please read
and follow this procedure should your child need medication during the school day.

  1. Pupils requiring medication at school must have a written statement from the family physician, which identifies the type, dosage, time interval, duration, purpose and side effects of the medication. Written permission by the parent or guardian requesting the school nurse to administer the medication must be on file. This form is available on our website or can be obtained by school nurse. Keep a blank on file at your physician’s office to use as needed.
  2. Over the counter non-prescription drugs are not to be administered unless written permission is received from the physician. Guidelines as stated above prevail in the administration of non-prescription drugs.
  3. Medication must be given to the school nurse in the original prescription container, properly labeled by the pharmacist or physician.
  4. Should your child require an epi-pen or an inhaler, allergy action and asthma action plans need to be completed each school year by your child’s physician. Standardized forms should be available at your physician’s office; otherwise the form can be obtain on the website or from the school nurse.In the absence of the school nurse, a delegate can be trained to administer a prescribed epi-pen to your child. The separate “Emergency Plan for Allergic Reactions” form must be filled out and signed by your child’s physician and cosigned by you. This form is available on our website or can be obtained by the school nurse as well.
  5. Separate forms are available from the nurse for self administration of inhalers and epi-pens.