In case of inclement weather, Holy Spirit School usually follows Pequannock Township regarding closures, delayed openings and early dismissals. But there may be an occasion from time to time when we close and Pequannock does not.

We do have a Power School Alert system in place and all families and staff will be notified according to your Alert set up. If you have not gone on the website to set up all your contacts with the Access ID and Password which was issued to you, please do so. Also, you can go in anytime to check or update your information.

If you are in doubt about school closure or delayed opening, please call Sr. Marie at 973-694-2111 or 201-396-0646.

If there is a Delayed Opening, our school opens at 10 am. There is no morning child care.

For the bus children, if the sending and/or receiving town has delayed opening or school closure, the bus companies will follow them. If Holy Spirit is closed or has a delayed opening and the sending and receiving towns do not, then the bus company will follow Holy Spirit.

Lincoln Park and Pequannock/Pompton Plains Bus Children
The delayed pick up time is 2 hours from their original pick up time. If Lincoln Park does not have school, there will be no bus for that particular town. If Pequannock does not have school, we are also closed.

If there is an Early Dismissal, a PowerSchool Alert will be issued to have your child/children picked up. Also, afternoon child care would be cancelled. If you are in doubt, please call the school at 973-835-5680.

Bus Children – Early Dismissal
For the children who would take the bus home that day, a parent would receive a call asking if they want their child put on the bus. This way you know about what time the bus will be picking up the children and will know about what time the child should arrive at the bus stop. If we can’t personally speak to a parent, the child will not be put on the bus but will remain at school to be picked up.

Also, we do contact Channel 12 who will include us on their announcements.

In addition, whenever you have a change of address and/or phone number, please notify the office and update your PowerSchool Alert information as soon as possible so our records can be accurate.