We are looking for a few good people, with spirit and ambition, to join our group.
If you feel you can give a few hours every few weeks from now until June we could definitely use you.  We will meet again on Wednesday, May 3rd, May 24th and June 7th to continue our planning sessions for the 2017 Carnival.  If  you can’t make the next meeting but you are interested in helping, please contact Bill Hart at billdeb1@optonline.net.
Our Carnival will be held from Tuesday, June 13th thru Saturday, June 17th.
Remember this is one of our biggest fundraisers.  The monies raised from this event help keep your child’s tuition down as well as allow us to give your child the best in education with the Catholic values to support it.
We are celebrating our 60th Anniversary.  Help us continue this tradition that has helped make Holy Spirit great!
A gentle reminder regarding your Contract:
Each family is responsible to have one (1) representative work a minimum of one (1) night at the carnival.  If we are rained out, you are responsible to work another night, otherwise, you will be charged a premium of $250.00.
We ask for only 1 night from each family, however, we would be very grateful to any family who could give a second night.  Grandparents are welcome.  Nightly sign-ups will be limited to only so many workers per evening so remember to sign up early.