Carnival 50/50 Raffles were sent home with your oldest child earlier this week.
As per your contract, you are required to sell two books of raffle tickets equaling $50.  We also ask that you try to sell extra books.  This is a profitable fundraiser for our school.  Thanks to you, this 50/50 raffle generates much of the needed funds for the school which then allows us to keep tuition costs down.  The drawing for the 50/50 raffle will be on Saturday, June 17th.
Please return the ticket stubs to the school office only in an envelope marked with your name and child’s grade, in order to receive credit for selling them.  Do not return your books to the carnival.  Return raffle ticket stubs no later than May 31st.  If they are not returned by May 31st, you will be billed for the $50.