The article was titled “Holy Spirit’s Students Pick Up On Pope Francis’ Enthusiasm”. The content from the article is featured below:

The arrival of Pope Francis to the United States last week was a source of excitement for the students at Holy Spirit School.

“The children were thrilled to see the visit by the Holy Father,” said Sister Marie Antonelli, principal of the K-8 school.

She said even the youngest students understood the significance of the pope’s presence just a few miles from their homes.

From their desks, the students watched history unfold live on televisions in their classrooms as Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress, and then spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

To mark the occasion, each student made their own papal flag, which also serves as the state flag of Vatican City, said Estelle Meyer, curriculum coordinator of Holy Spirit School.

The square yellow and white flags include crossed keys in the white portion, which represent the keys to heaven given to St. Paul by Jesus, the students learned. As the pope is considered the successor to St. Peter, he symbolically holds those keys to heaven. Aside from Switzerland, the papal flag is the only state flag that is square.

“Our students discussed and wrote about their reflections of Pope Francis’ words,” Meyer said.

They were particularly drawn to the pope’s emphasis on family life, living by the Golden Rule, and his reference to “America, a land of dreams.”

Antonelli said the students looked forward to seeing the remainder of the pope’s journey to the United States over the weekend.

“We’re very proud of our children,” she said. “They really seem to have taken the Holy Father’s teachings to heart.”

– by Joe Phalon – Suburban Trends