Wednesday, March 12th – “Pray earnestly to God and give up your sinful ways and evil actions.”  Jon 3:8 Before making a regretful decision, be aware of God’s presence in that decision.

Thursday, March 13th – “Do for others what you want them to do for you.”  Mt 7:12 Find joy today in doing a meaningful thing for someone else.

Friday, March 14th – “Do you think I enjoy seeing sinners die?  No, I would rather see them repent and live.”  Ez 18:23 Go into your room and ask God’s forgiveness for some wrongdoing and courage to correct it. Let your abstinence today be your strength.

Saturday, March 15th – “The Father makes the sun shine on bad and good people alike.”  Mt 6:45 Be kind to a person who has hurt you.

Sunday, March 16th – “Take your part in suffering for the Good News.”  2Tm 1:8Take that which is causing you pain and offer it for those closed to God’s love.

Monday, March 17th – “Be merciful just as your Father is merciful.”  Lk 6:36Read Lk 6:36-38 and focus on one thought to feed your day.

Tuesday, March 18th – “Listen to what the Lord is saying to you…..Stop all this evil that I see you doing.”  Is 1:10, 16 If there is something eating up your soul, it is time to face it and let God help you heal.

Wednesday, March 19th – “Joseph….do not be afraid.”  Mt 1:20 Offer God your fears and apprehensions.