It’s hard to believe that spring has arrived (at least calendar wise) and that our annual musical production is almost here. With  additional play rehearsal hours and the beginning of spring sports and activities for all of our students, please continue to enforce early bedtimes, include extra fruits and vegetables as healthy snack choices, and remind your children to wash their hands (the best way to prevent the spread of illness).

Keeping ill children at home until they are fever free for 24 hours, as per school district MD policy,  lessens the spread of germs to classmates and faculty members as well.  Please continue to call in absences, send in a parent note when your child has been absent, and MD notes for all office visits. This includes upper grades as well. High schools both public and private are unforgiving in unexplained, accumulated absences, often resulting in grade retention or non-credit for classes.

Thanks also to all who have participated in the food collection drive this month- feel free to send in an additional item or two by week’s end for those less fortunate than ourselves.

🙂 Mrs.Jilda Sidebottom