Welcome back to Holy Spirit School!

Thank you to all new students, Kindergarten and 6th grade parents who have submitted required vaccine records in a timely fashion.

Just a reminder that all classrooms in the school continue to be peanut, nut and nutella free due to a large number of allergies in our school population. It is fine to have these items for lunch; children will be directed to sit in a designated area with a buddy to insure the safety of all our children.

Also, NO balls are allowed on the playground in the morning.

Finally, we are in desperate need for volunteer parents gr. 4-8 to stop in for lunch supervision. We need at least two adults daily to monitor the 140+ students who play on our macadam from 12:10 to 12:30 pm. Until further notice only soft wall balls and one basketball can be used at recess. Our 75′ by 200′ area is not adequate for all contact sporting games.

Looking forward to working with you to keep everyone healthy and safe this school year.