As most parents are aware, phoning the office to alert us that your child will not be in school enables us to account for and ensure the safety of all our children.

Please continue in this vital practice.

In addition, as per our school handbook (refer to page 26), students must return to school with a written note of explanation from his/her parent or guardian. If absent for three consecutive days, a doctor’s note is also required.

The morning bell rings at 8:10 am and prayers begin at 8:20 am. Students need to be in their classrooms at that time. A student who is late must obtain a late pass from the office.

We hope that an emphasis on good attendance and punctuality this last quarter will lead to more consistency in the 2014-2015 school year.

Sr. Marie Antonelli, M.P.F

Mrs. Jilda Sidebottom, RN
School Nurse