Our Calendar Raffle Fundraiser was sent home last week. If you did not receive them, please contact the school office immediately. They are due back by Friday, Dec. 11th.

The raffle features $7,000 in prizes with each ticket having 91 chances to win. Beginning January 1st and running thru March 31st there will be a chance to win a cash prize.  Drawings will be held weekly at the school every Monday at 8:30 am. Winning tickets will be re-entered into the drawing, therefore, THE SAME TICKET MAY WIN MORE THAN ONCE.

While your responsibility is to sell a minimum of 16 tickets, our hope is that families will sell beyond their $160 commitment. They make wonderful stocking stuffers! Additional tickets can be obtained in the school office.

As stated in your contractual agreement, this is a mandatory fundraiser for all school families. All checks should be made payable to Holy Spirit School. Please note that any amount of the $160 requirement not received by Friday, Dec. 11th will be applied to your tuition bill.