As Holy Spirit parishioners with children enrolled in our parish school, you have agreed to fulfill certain commitments as described in the annual school contract:

  • To worship faithfully each Sunday with our parish community.
  • To contribute a minimum amount each week to the regular collection using church envelopes.

In return for these commitments, Holy Spirit School offers you a discounted Parishioner Rate on the annual tuition amount. This is a win-win arrangement for everybody concerned, but the purpose of this note is to emphasize how it specifically benefits your children.

In our over-scheduled, pedal-to-the-metal culture, opportunities for family time are at a premium. Through weekly attendance at Mass, you provide your children with just such an opportunity. Even more, it is a unique opportunity for your family to share in praising and thanking God and in
bringing Him our challenges, thereby helping to form the spiritual good habits of a lifetime.

Your contribution to the Sunday collection also represents extra value added for your children. Part of Holy Spirit Church’s commitment to our parish school is financial, specifically in providing repairs and maintenance that ensure a safe, clean, and fully functional physical environment for your children. Your weekly contribution at Mass—a minimum $15.00 per family—directly supports this critical mission.

I hope that this note serves to clarify the reasons behind the contractual commitment we ask our parishioner/parents to make to Holy Spirit Church. I especially hope you agree that those reasons are excellent ones deserving of your active support throughout the coming school year.

Thank You,
Father Tom