Fun at the Walk-A-Thon

Holy Spirit students, parents, and teachers work (and play) very hard to raise thousands of dollars via the annual Holy Spirit School Walk-A-Thon. 100% of every dollar raised through the Walk-A-Thon goes directly to support Holy Spirit School.

The Walk-A-Thon is a fun and non-competitive fundraiser done within a safe and clearly delineated circular area in the Holy Spirit School Parking Lot. The student participants are allowed to walk at their own pace around the exterior of the circle, individually or as teams. The DJ plays a variety of lively music for them as they walk, skip, dance and go along their way. Adult volunteers hand out little toy novelties such as leys, beads, and spider rings to the students, which helps to add an air of excitement and fun.

Just to add to all the merriment, adult volunteers stationed at various points on the circuit randomly challenge the walkers to do the Limbo while they walk. Inside the circuit, there are teachers and adult volunteers who encourage various other lively challenges such as:  jumping rope, and playing with balls, a huge parachute, and hoola-hoops.

Besides raising money for the school, the Walk-A-Thon promotes good physical health and fitness, along with a deep feeling of camaraderie, merriment, and fellowship within the school community.  Thank you to all who participate in and support this vital fundraiser for our school!