It’s a crowd favorite, beloved by millions and a sure bet for bringing in an audience.  It’s also a Beast of a show to produce – pun intended.

This is our school’s journey through the production of Beauty & the Beast, Jr., recorded here to help other educators working on this project (or to perhaps frighten them away!).

We are a small, K-8 school; our program is open to students in grades 3 – 8. For this reason we are locked into MTI’s “Broadway Junior” series or the Rodgers & Hammerstein “Getting to Know” series.

We knew Beauty & the Beast was going to be a challenge, but it was such a perfect fit for our cast that we had to attempt it. We had a group of seasoned eighth-graders in their final year of the program, as well as a bumper crop of incoming 8-year-olds.

Our oldest students took on the principal roles, our 4th – 7th grade students performed the smaller featured parts such as the Baker and Bookseller, and our young newcomers turned into flatware.